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Benefits of a boiler service

Having your boiler serviced annually is crucial to maintain its reliability and efficiency.

It’s common knowledge amongst gas industry experts that a well serviced, regularly maintained gas boiler is very unlikely to break down.

Investing a small sum in a boiler service now is pretty much guaranteed to save you a small fortune in the longer term.

M3 Trades specialise in providing top class boiler servicing in Halesowen and the surrounding areas.

This article will explain how how you can arrange a cost effective boiler service now and avoid getting overcharged in the process.

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How much will my boiler service cost?

A one-off boiler service should cost between £75 and £100 depending on it’s age and type.

More complicated combi boilers for instance will take longer to service properly and spare parts tend to be more expensive.

If you prefer to invest in an annual boiler care plan then that is likely to cost £200 to £300 per year which generally includes an annual service and all repair and return costs.

Your current boiler will probably need to be checked prior to or during the first service to ensure the commencement of the contract.

Is a boiler service necessary?

It’s easy to view boiler servicing costs as unnecessary as there always seems to be something more pressing and important to spend your hard earned cash on.

But, trust us when we say that avoiding boiler servicing costs can become a very costly exercise and one that will certainly be regretted.

Early diagnosis of issues is the major benefit of regular servicing and this alone can save increased repair costs and dare we say it – replacement costs.

After all, a new replacement boiler can cost anywhere between £2,000 to £3,500 and boilers tend to be one item that we do not plan on replacing.

So, whenever your boiler breaks down leading to replacement it always comes as an unexpected, nasty shock to the household finances.

A well serviced boiler will also save you money on running costs by keeping your gas bill lower. It’s a fact that boilers that are not serviced cost more to run.

It’s easy to see then, why an annual boiler service should be viewed as an investment and not an expense.

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How often should I have my boiler serviced?

Gas central boilers should be serviced every year – no question!

We talked above about costs but the biggest reason is safety. 

Products of combustion that are created when we mix gas with air and burn it are pretty toxic to humans and good quality servicing will avoid the potential for leaks.

Your boiler tends to be working all the time in Winter and it’s probably not sensible to get it serviced then. 

Most good gas engineers are very busy during the Winter and their costs tend to go up so the Summer is always the best time to get it done.

More modern, condensing type boilers create water vapour as part of the combustion process and the need to service this type is multiplied as any water ingress into the boiler can result in corrosion.

Combination boilers dominate the UK market and keeping them working is critical because there is no hot water back up if they break down.

This is because they operate without storage tanks so there is no way to fall back on to an immersion heater to provide hot water in the event of a boiler breakdown.

Condensate pipework also needs to be checked to ensure there is no potential for freezing during the colder, winter months.

So, it’s easy to see why your boiler which is probably one of your most important household appliances should be serviced regularly

Is a gas boiler service really essential?

In a word… YES

Hopefully, this post has gone some way to explaining why a gas boiler service is not an unnecessary expense but an essential investment in your home’s wellbeing.

Always ensure that the person carrying out the service is Gas Safe Registered and ALWAYS ask to see their Gas Safe card when they arrive at your property.

This way you will know that the job will be done thoroughly and safely and you will be able to look forward to another 12 months trouble free service from this essential household appliance.

The team at M3 Trades will be more than happy to carry out your boiler service. 

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